Psychodynamic psychotherapy holds at its core the belief that the psyche is never static, but always actively engaged in relationships, both with other people and with different parts of ourselves. Sometimes these relationships are stressful and need to be rebalanced. Sometimes parts of ourselves feel numb or absent. Therapy can help you reconnect with others and with yourself.

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What I offer:

I offer once or twice weekly sessions in person. The therapeutic frame is an important part of the work. This means sessions are at the same time each week. If you can think about your availability for sessions before contacting me, I will try to find a suitable time.


Each 50 minute session costs 75

I will invoice you at the end of each month for an online transfer.


I expect 100% commitment as long as we are working together, whether this is for six weeks or several years. This means if you cannot attend one of your sessions, that time and space is still yours. I will be there in your absence with you in mind and no one else will take that space. I will charge the usual fee.


You can bring your therapy to an end at any time. All I ask is that you come for a final session to say goodbye. Life is full of disappointing and even painful endings. I hope I can offer a different experience of ending a relationship.

In Person (Zoom / Phone options in exceptional cases)

I believe working in person is more effective than online, because I work with the whole person and our combined energy in the room.
I will offer sessions online (zoom) and on the phone, but only if necessary. We can discuss this before we begin.

This applies also if you are travelling and want to have your sessions, since I will be there keeping your space for you.

What I ask of you:

If you want to work with me, all I ask is that you are curious about yourself and brave enough to explore the things you know and don't yet know about yourself.

People sometimes ask if there is something they should be doing in between sessions. My answer to this is, notice everything. Take an interest in your feelings, thoughts, dreams, fantasies, hopes and fears.

As long as we are both present and open in the sessions, whatever needs attention will come up.

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