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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the way we live. We are all dealing with a great deal of uncertainty about the future. Isolation can bring up feelings of being trapped with oneself or with others.

During this time I am offering time-limited online sessions by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Time-limited work:
6 sessions 350
12 sessions 600

In addition I am offering ad hoc support sessions FREE OF CHARGE for NHS staff and emergency service workers.

Contact me by email or phone to find out more.

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Psychotherapy: Vauxhall

Sometimes we try to ignore difficult feelings, only to find them reappearing uninvited. It may be that you feel you’ve reached a turning point, where talking to friends and family is no longer enough. Counselling and psychotherapy can help to process feelings that might be holding you back, so that you can move forward with more confidence, in the direction of your choice.

I offer open-ended, individual contracts, where the shape of the work is determined by your circumstances and specific needs. Sometimes short-term counselling is appropriate, for those who wish to focus on one particular area of concern. Open-ended psychotherapy is for those who are curious about their inner worlds and willing to explore the unconscious patterns impacting on everyday life. You don't have to know in advance why you're seeking counselling or psychotherapy: part of the process is to explore together what has led you here.

My consulting room is in Vauxhall, London.

Sessions are for 50 minutes once a week.

My fee is 70 per session.

I usually work in person but Skype sessions are available for long distances.

In the first instance, call me on 07815 852565 or email to arrange an initial consultation.


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